When we launched This Old APT on tumblr, we had a thing called Washi Tape Week. Then we posted about washi tape SO MUCH, that you asked us to stop.  	 We're sorry about that.  	 Here's the CliffsNotes from what will live on forever in infamy as Washi-O.D. Week :( -@TabithaSukhai  	 Photo frames  ...

The Snug Is Now a Part of

The curse of plain white doors is something that’s plagued renters for years. So this faux-fancy washi tape upgrade is a welcome find. VIA almostmakesperfect -EL

Washi tape is both colorful and removable | 10 Decorating Tips For Short-Term Renters - Forbes

10 Decorating Tips For Short-Term Renters

Japanese paper tape is inexpensive and comes in a variety of colors and patterns. Get some renter-friendly washi tape home decor ideas to jazz up your home.

d i y d e s i g n: Closet Door Makeover:

One of the many things that I really loathed about our house when we moved into it was the nasty old, plain, flat wood bi-fold closet doo.


9 Adorable DIY Projects That'll Spice Up Your Kitchen

Vorstellung von Schön: Washi tape in Your Kitchen: Fancy Up Your Cupboard

Washi Tape Office Wall

Dorm Room Decor 101: Washi Tape Wall Art - Blinds.com

Aline's Wonderfully Washi Taped Home Office — Desktops – The Best of Readers’ Desks & Workspaces

10+ simple and inspiring ways to give your closet doors a DIY upgrade ~ Need to check out to see if there's a solution to hide/get rid of HUGE mirror sliding doors.

The Creek Line House: DIY Closet Doors - 10 Beautiful and Inspiring Ideas!

washi tape diy tape gallery wall

35 ways we're (still) using washi tape

Personalize Colorful Frames Tape up inspirational magazine clippings, pictures of friends and artwork with washi tape that can be easily removed and changed on a whim. Create funky geometric shapes with the tape around a few of the images.