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How I Taught My Child That Love is Love

How I Taught My Child That Love is Love

6 Reasons to Consider Home Birth - Red and Honey. If this kid's birth goes well at the birth center, we're considering a home birth for the next one.

6 Reasons to Consider Home Birth

6 Reasons to Consider Home Birth - Beautiful post- totally resonates my exact thoughts

Pooping candy

Constipation Candy

Constipation Candy - Natural remedy for constipation. 1 cup organic extra virgin coconut oil, melted to cup of lemon juice (mix and taste as you go along)* 2 tablespoons honey, maple syrup, sucanat or coconut sugar teaspoon pink Himalayan salt

DIY Nighty Night Bath Salt via the #StaycationSpectacular Grab Bag

DIY Gift Ideas ~ A really simple DIY bath salt recipe that contains sleep promoting ingredients for children, including a special kid-safe Nighty-night essential oil.

.Elephants and list of statistics of endangered wild animals

At current poaching rates, elephants, rhinos and other African wildlife may be gone within our lifetime. Don't let Africa's majestic wildlife become history. Learn more about the poaching crisis from African Wildlife Foundation's new infographic.

When rhinos rebounded from near-extinction last century, it was a historic victory for conservationists. But now the rhino wars have suddenly returned -- along with a few 21st-century twists.

Infographic: Understanding the rhino wars

Una mezcla natural y muy efectiva para evitar pelos encarnados. Aplica este remedio sobre la piel para detener el crecimiento del vello encarnado.

Removal of ingrown hairs is really difficult. Sometimes you need days of peeling, massage, hydration, and of course, terrible nervousness. But only one thing is in common at all attempts – they do …

A handy folding cup for a drink on the go, and then you can pop it in a pocket.

Stainless steel telescopic folding mug - A handy folding cup for a drink on the go, and then you can pop it in a pocket.

Best I have found is mix one drop of Hydrogen peroxide with one drop rubbing alcohol - drop into ear

Earache is a very serious problem and may be caused due to many reasons. Here are some of the simple home remedies for ear infections that .

A great article on how to have a modern hippie housewife, sticking to your morals and way of living without giving into consumerism. One tip, homemade gifts with instructions how to make them like this Homemade Laundry Detergent

10 Tips For How To Have a Modern Hippie Holidays

Homemade laundry soap makes the perfect addition to a green-gift basket! Don't forget to write the recipe of the back of the label! It's truely the gift that keeps on giving!