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Qotd: favorite and least favorite subjects in school? Aotd: My fav is Science, least fav is maths || Comment your's below!

QOTD: When do you start school and what grade are you going into? ( I start school sept.

What?!?  Bed, Bath & Beyond.  I always thought I had the ability to go in and by two hundred towels in the same color if I wanted to do it

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Bath Towel Shopping - Neatly Folded Towel Stack - The Big Lie: All my life I've been lied to. Look at these towels on the shelf. One towel has a big styrofoam b

∾∙♕❁ ∂σи'т ℓєт ιиѕє¢υяιту яυιи тнє вeauty уσυ ωєяє вσяи ωιтн... // @rad_xxx ❁♕∙∾

I am left handed and my right leg is an inch taller than the other

"Fight Like a Girl" That's right. Girls are tough.

yes I fight like a girl, you know why? Because I am a girl. I shall never fight like a boy, because I am not one. And boys could fight like girls only if they were a little bit more stronger.

♚♾↞❁ тнє ѕку ιѕи'т тнє ℓιмιт❁↠♾♚ ↡fσℓℓσω↡ νєяααα @ѕтαуg0ℓ∂αℓωαуѕ

♚♾↞❁ тнє ѕку ιѕи'т тнє ℓιмιт❁↠♾♚ ↡fσℓℓσω↡ νєяααα @ѕтαуg0ℓ∂αℓωαуѕ