Dynamic Pose practice by SykoZombieChick.deviantart.com on @deviantART

I have to admit, I don't use photo references often since I don't necessary want a realist anatomy/feeling. It's not the only way either, but it's probably the simplest one to my opinion.

Copy's and Studies: Kate-FoX fem body's by WonderingMind23 on DeviantArt

Some sketchy copies from one of Kate-FoX's tutorial pieces. Make sure to check out . Copy's and Studies: Kate-FoX fem body's 2

34 Awesome poses for fashion illustration

Cuerpo -- body sketches Must practise these basic croquiis These are nice, but the poses are rather exaggerated. still nice.

Estos estudios anatómicos de la artista italiana de comic Laura Braga nos fascinaron... ¡Nos encanta ver como el pole dance inspira a artistas de otros medios! — en Provocarte PoleDance-Studio.

abc- in dance Female gesture pose references by Laura Braga Constantin Eftimiu - Sapte vai si-o vale adanca

By the way...: El mundo

El mundo

drawing tutorial (๑❛ڡ❛๑) - Positions du corp #2 - Wattpad

drawing tutorial (๑❛ڡ❛๑) - Positions du corp #2

drawing tutorial (๑❛ڡ❛๑) - Positions du corp - Wattpad (sitting positions, poses, bases, drawing reference)

Here's a chunk of figure drawings that I'm pretty pleased with; really focusing on my gesture drawing lately and pushing my skills with foreshortening and such. Gonna try and make this a daily ende...

Figure Drawing Online is for those who wish to learn to draw the human figure. It offers detailed recorded drawing lectures and tutorials showing the drawing process in real time.

Мои закладки

Had to do some personal drawings for myself so here are some various running poses of Annie — Annie Mei Project — action poses

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