Sacramento CA (Temple Coffee Roasters by Use our app to find the best cafes and spaces to work from. -- is concentrating on her work at Temple Coffee Roasters in Sacramento CA --

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9 April 2016 // When you have an advertising exam next week but it’s raining so heavily outside, you just want to snuggle up the bed and read your book.

Descubre y comparte las imágenes más hermosas del mundo

Descubre y comparte las imágenes más hermosas del mundo

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studyandlush: / I totally forgot to post these notes earlier

Confessions of a Chronic Procrastinator:Bio final tomorrow!!

Confessions of a Chronic Procrastinator:Bio final tomorrow!

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reeohnah: “ The food for thought on the Plato is Little Prince.

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pleasegostudy: “ April 7, 2016 // [4/100] 14 days until this thesis is due. ”

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so neat and organized- goals for this school year

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Gives you better ways to study. Helps keep studying bearable and not horrible

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marianordvall: “Working with an essay and this time about the fantastic Vincent van Gogh. It’s a joy writing!

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days of productivity + MON // pm “theme of the day: “SIT UP STRAIGHT”! more flashcards feat. a reminder from my journal to straighten that back!