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No I know it's Ross but what is it short for? Like Rossel? Or Rosstopher? dinosaurs is fine. the drawing is not

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20 Women Every Twentysomething Girl Needs In Her Life - 20 Best Friends To Have In Your Twenties - Cosmopolitan

Gotta love Joey!

Funny pictures about Joey's logic. Oh, and cool pics about Joey's logic. Also, Joey's logic.


One of my all-time favorite TV shows. 22 Signs You're Still Addicted to FRIENDS ---- I have to add You've watched the entire series so many times your husband can correct his female co-workers when they misquote it.

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How to Wear Denim Like It's The I love denim! I love old-school “been through some things” rough denim even more. How much do I love denim you ask?