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Ah, I remember Stretch Armstrong. Stretch him in the summer, no problem. Try to stretch him the winter, it was like trying to pull concrete apart!

Idle Hands: Ladies and Gentlemen....Underoos Have Returned

Wonder Woman Underoos- I had the Wonder Woman Set and my sister Becky had Bat Girl

I loved these guys!!

"Down at Fraggle Rock.down at Fraggle Rock.down at Fraggle Rock!

I had this doll i loved it her hair would grow and it had a knob on her back you whined it back up.

My Top 5 Favorite Toys

loved this doll. Push her belly button to let her hair grow long. And wind up the knob on her back to make it short. My sister had this fun doll.

Ronald McDonald Hand puppet

Ronald McDonald Hand puppet

Stretch Armstrong! Oh how I wanted one. Was informed it was for boys. My friend, Jim Jim, got one for his birthday. Jackpot!! We immediately cut him open to see what was inside. Honey like substance and sand. Mission accomplished......

Stretch Armstrong - I remember some kid at school cut his open to find out what was inside. So sad :-(

Remember when Halloween costumes were plastic and you couldn't breathe or see in the masks? I had the princess costume.

My favorite Fisher Price Little People

Fisher Price Little people. I remember playing with these over at my grandparent's house.


The Inchworm - riding toy, had one when I was little?my papa bought it for me!

Ten Fisher Price From The 80s We Loved.. | RetroMagazine | Page 2

Who doesn’t know Fisher Price? They are by far the most recognized and loved children’s toys in the world! Some of their vintage toys have become widely accepted as the most iconic toys of all

I had this lunchbox in 3rd grade!

Holly Hobbie Lunch Box in Elementary School

Anyone remember the plastic hand puppets from McDonald's?

Anyone remember the plastic hand puppets from McDonald's?

...and I usually got the longest one to read and on top of that it usually had the only 23- letter word in the whole chapter! I guess it was worth it because I'm a grand reader today & can spell anything. A-n-y-t-h-i-n-g...                                                                                                                                                                                 More

I did this and hated reading in class but I was in plays at school. I guess it was the same thing, I knew what I was going to say.

Romper Room Inchworm from the 1970s. had one of these when I was little, loved it! Photo courtesy of Fourth Grade Nothing Blog

Fourth Grade Nothing: Inchworm Riding Toy Then from Romper Room toys. My oldest daughter's favorite riding toy

The original Cast of Sesame Street.

Photo of the original Sesame Street cast. The first season of Sesame Street aired in and this photo of the cast dates from then.

My mom always had these for Christmas.  Sure miss being a kid.

My mom always had these for Christmas. Sure miss being a kid.