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Love a man with a dog... especially when it's Gerard. :)

Gerard Butler and his pug, Lolita. This SHOULD say: Lolita pug and her celebrity, Gerard Butler. Gotta luv a man who luvs his pug.

Tom Hardy The best ♥️

Never will be able to look at Bane the same. Yes, this is Bane from "The Dark Night Rises".

Try three papers...

Hey girl, I hear you have a paper to write. - Ryan Gosling // Hey Girl Ryan Gosling This is perfect!

Jeremy Sumpter

oh peter pan.how many times did i watch that movie? i had to be the only one of my friends who knew that kid's name was jeremy sumpter. My childhood crush on Peter Pan has not ended. I regret nothing.

Dexter "Hardy" Cox is the youngest brother of Dizzy Cox and only months older than Cilian Cox, Dizzy's oldest son. He will play a major role in the Rough Riders series and he plays a role in this one too.

cheesy spy movie (this is war), inception, slightly bad boy, and hot accent all add up to sexy and my new celebrity crush.

ME ENCANTA ¡¡¡                                                                                                                                                                                 Más

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Greg William's Blesses Us With A Beautiful New Tom Hardy Photo-shoot!

Keep Calm ?

Ian Somerhalder as 'Damon Salvator' -> Vampire Nr. 2 (the bad one ! ) Ian Somerhalder as 'Damon Salvator' -> Vampire Nr. 2 (the bad one ! ) Ian Somerhalder as 'Damon Salvator' -> Vampire Nr. 2 (the bad one !

Yes ;-):-D

This may be my favorite Hey Girl ever. Combines a great quote, Ryan Gosling, and hips.

Ryan Gosling smiling.

im glad ryan understands - cause Target always makes me spend more than I want to!

Trolling the Internet for pretty things  is such hard work, babe. You been at it a while. Want a cup of coffee? I'll go get some.

Ryan Gosling - hey girl, I was hoping to rub your shoulders while you pin.talk about a dream come true