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I'm ready to see Wendy beat up some gnomes.

We’re crazed, angry, sweaty animals. We’re not unicorns! We’re women! Source: Venidel Check out more.


three years after the event of weirdmageddon dipper returns to gravit… Fanfiction

artist: rachael (life-writer)  --- description: so much expression and color and life. BOLD lines  --- warnings: shounen-ai, shoujo-ai ---

Because grown up Dipper is the awesome Dipper. did I mention I was their age when the show started. meaning years wise he'd probably be sixteen by now (Despite the fact that the show ended a few months ago and they were Gravity Falls

Венди Кордрой | Wendy Corduroy – 45 фотографий

Венди Кордрой | Wendy Corduroy – 45 фотографий

30 years by markmak on deviantART. Ah Meu Deus!!!!!!! Eu achei tão fofo a atitude de Mabel e Dipper e como o final termina...

30 years by markmak on deviantART, ahhhhhhhh, so cute, I also wonder if mcguckets son knew about any of his work and who he worked with?

Family love

Family love

It's times like this where people realise there's more to Mabel than just screwing around and rainbows and glitter. She cares about her brother and family. Mabel is the best sister

Read Dipper Pines X Reader (Gravity Falls) from the story Various X Reader by Knight_Writer with reads.

Thank you for all the favourites guys! :'D -------- Just the girls of Gravity Falls hanging out probs talking about love n stuff.MAYBE ABOUT DIPPER.