Gemma when harry auditioned for the x factor! Aww she was so nervous GIF

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@Gemma Styles  you and your mum are seriously so pretty! I wish I was half as gorgeous as you! :).xx

Harry's mom and sister, Anne and Gemma. Styles thank you and your mom for being amazing!

Harry and his cousin << Awe ^_^

Me and H so long ago! We thought we’d be pro footballers! Weird how we are like the same height now!

#Payzer I just love them together. I really hope they didn't break up, but I want them to be happy.

:)<<< *Smile slowly turn to tears when I remind myself that Payzer is over*<<<< uggghhhhh I miss her!

Well mannered Harry

An interviewer asked Harry what he thought of Taylor's speech. Niall and Louis to the rescue