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2013 things to do

Floating in the lake summer sunset beautiful girl sun lake summertime i love summer summer fun summer 2013 good summer fun summer

Too late

Sprawling out in your bed and taking a nice nap. I Love me a good nap!

They're completely oblivious to all the wrong in the world and their adventurous and curious ... And I'll always envy them

I love litlle kids there so cute and adorable also nice and sometimes bratty but that's just my brother!

Isn't this funny, my friend Hannah and I have been besties for 6 years and we've never once had vacation together

Inspiring picture asd, just girly things, summer. Find the picture to your taste!

Everyone's dream who loves action or adventure movies!

Doesn't make THE list, but it definitely sounds like a fun idea, right?

An amazing trip

Margreat and karla are the main ones love them so much erin margreat and karla bestfriends for life my main girls!

Don't ask me why :D

I love all the people in my life . But this is so me as well! It's really not a bucket list to do item; however, I cherish my alone time at home and always will:)

Lou, Boos and shoes: January Diaries: Sophie from 'The Littlest Things' Guest Post

Before I die Bucket list Bucket-list Go at least once a year to a place you have never been before - Roadtrip!

I don't think anyone knows the real me.... Probably because nobody sticks around long enough to find out.  Andthatswhoiam

I want someone to fully know who i am. I have a lot of people in my life that know things about me but they don't know who I am

And then tell my nieces and nephews they open "nothing in particular,"

Maybe not skeleton keys, maybe like keys from places I have lived or cars I have loved or other things that need keys


peeta mellark, finnick odair, tobias eaton/four, augustus waters, patch cipriano and the list goes on.

I'm a full supporter of marathons and extended editions. Especially for Disney movies

I used to see movies as a microcosm of life.real learning experiences that guide our way.that's why I became a movie critic.Now I feel that way about books instead of movies

Melissa McCue

I love to sing to myself. It keeps me calm. It also helps me get through tough situations. I don't enjoy singing in front of others. I don't have a bad voice or anything, I just don't want others to hear me singing.


Buy an old bus, gut the seats, add beds, travel the country with your favorite people. BUCKET LIST (I like the idea that a bus is on someone else's bucket list)

way up at the top of my list! or maybe a condo instead....

i own a lake house lol but a beach house would be nice