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"An ordinary kitten will ask more questions than any 5 year old." --Carl Van Vechten

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© Malia León "Libby"

* * " Wut yoo starin' at ? I didn'ts do any thing wrong. Yer always thinkin' I beez bad kitteh.

beautiful calico cat <3

Hi there, this is my collection of little treasures, the things that make life meaningful to me.Enjoy :) None of these pictures belong to me unless I state otherwise!


Yep I am cute kitty cat indeed .and my mom will be taken me soon to be Spayed.then I wont go into that Heat Stuff Behavior or be able to make any more kitties as well! Cool deal with me! That giving birth thing I heard really sucks!


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The Siberian is a domestic cat breed from Russia. The cat, that has similarities with breeds.