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Makes you think.

Makes you think.

Homosexuality exists in 450 Species, Homophobia is Found in Only One. Which Seems Unnatural Now? Inspirational Quote against Homophobia.

Yeah.... this is me..... and I tend to put lots of exclamations and emojis and write really excitedly, so when other people respond with a "lol" or "k" or "yeah" it makes me feel like they're not enjoying the conversation as much as I am.... so I stop...

If you guys ever wanna talk to me I won't be annoyed Idc who you are or what your dealing with I will always be open to talking !

11 random science facts that could explain how genetics can affect sexual orientation. But frankly, it's not my business.

Could You Be Straight? Here's 11 Science Facts About It To Help You Check.

Because theories and studies are always intriguing Homophobic people should READ THIS! Are You Gay? Here's A Bunch Of Science Facts About It To Help You Check. "If you think being gay is a choice, then I would like to recommend you read this.

One day it finally came true, the special someone that I loved, loved me too, and that specail some one was you.

'I Hope you Live a Life your Proud of. If you Find you're not, I hope you have the Strength to Start All Over Again', F Scott Fitzgerald Quote.

The rainbow is perfect. XD

Me:*sips apple juice and spies on them* Mike:Your gay Faith:Da heck? Mike:Once again your gay

True Beauty

You would know exactly how bright and beautiful you are if you saw yourself in the moments where you are truly your authentic self.oh my gosh I love this

"I love her and that is the beginning of everything." Love this!!!

I fell in love with her courage, her sincerity and her flaming self respect. And it's these things I'd believe in, even if the whole world indulged in wild suspicions that she wasn't all she should be. I love her and that is the beginning of everything.