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'Curiosity: Plane Crash' Documents Intentional Boeing 727 Crash

In caso di crash aereo meglio sedersi nella parte anteirore

Um Video Que o Vai Impressionar!!! http://www.funco.biz/um-video-vai-impressionar/

Um Video Que o Vai Impressionar!!! http://www.funco.biz/um-video-vai-impressionar/

Jet engine explodes on runway, Airbus A330.

An Airbus 330 is taking happy people off to the Dominican Republic from Manchester, England, when its right-hand engine starts spouting flames.

Virgin 747-400 Gear Failure & Emergency Landing (VS43)

Boeing G-VROM suffered a failure to the right outboard MLG after rotation on a flight from Gatwick to Las Vegas.

End of an odyssey The Swiss-built Solar Impulse airplane approaches New York City's John F. Kennedy International Airport in the late evening of July 6, 2013. The airplane ended its two-month-long, solar-powered trip across America with a nail-biter of a flight from Washington to New York. The extra drama came from the discovery in the trip's final hours that the ultra-light airplane had suffered an 8-foot-long (2.5-meter-long) tear in the fabric on the lower side of the left wing.

Solar Impulse Ends Cross-Country Flight With Tiny Little Wing Gash

Aurelia Louise Jones talks about Telos and Lemuria in Mount Shasta

An informative interview about the the ancient Lemurian city of light, Telos, beneath Mount Shasta, Ca.

Biển đông trưa 18/4: Cả thế giới Sốc trước thông tin về Hành Động này củ...

Sukhoi Russian Knights releasing flares in Tkachenko tribute flight.

CNN: Air Force tests remote-controlled F-16

Air Force is using remote-controlled fighter jets as targets in simulated weapons testing.

These Photos Of The Paris Air Show Are Unreal

These Photos Of The Paris Air Show Are Unreal

You hear about huge spending on the newest and fastest fighter jets and jumbo jets, but it's hard to grasp where all that money goes. Here's how: just look at these amazing pictures from the Paris Air Show.

USA Air Force

U.S. Embassy London on

“A nice shot of Air Force One on arrival in this morning.

David Nash Through the Trunk Up the Brunch 1985

British sculptor David Nash - ) has worked worldwide with wood, trees and the natural environment for thirty-five year.

Lexus LFA Clears It's Throat, And Gets BUSTED...

Well you wanted more of the Lexus LFA, I was asked by many if I could get video of the LFA's launch control, more reving, and faster driving, so that's what .