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The HILARIOUS Reason This Couple Was Late for Their Own Reception

When you find out what kept Taya and Pete from their own wedding reception, you'll crack up. This is the funniest wedding entrance we've EVER seen!

EPICALLY Hilarious ‘Mom Song’ - Comedy Videos

I think a lot of us can relate to this song! We sure do love our moms and this is a hilarious reminder why!

Mother's Day

The Mother of All Memes

vintage mother daughter photography, making sandwiches Mom, what's it like to have the greatest daughter in the world? I don't know dear, you'll have to ask grandma grandmother, ha ha "The facts:

Tim Conway tells this hilarious story about a circus elephant on “The Carol Burnett Show” and the entire cast breaks character to have a laugh. Carol Burnett, Harvey Kormann, and Vicki Lawrence all absolutely lose it and have to spend the majority of the sketch with their hands covering their faces because they just can’t help themselves. This is how comedy should be!

This Unedited Blooper From “The Carol Burnett Show” Is So Funny, The Whole Cast Breaks!

One of the best few minutes in TV history: Tim Conway absolutely destroys his cohorts on the Carol Burnett Show with his Siamese elephant improv.

Tim Hawkins - On nursery rhymes.  @Anna Totten Hurt  @Andrea / FICTILIS Latham -You guys have got to watch this!!! :)

Tim Hawkins does stand up comedy about classic nursery rhymes. From the DVD Full Range of Motion. Copyright of respective owner.

Funny Christian Comedian Jeanne Robertson Knocks Em Dead On Opry Stage!

Funny Christian Comedian Jeanne Robertson Knocks Em Dead On Opry Stage! (My biggest laugh was at

Christian Comedian Jeanne Robertsons Hilarious Stand-Up on Mothers and Daughters - SO Funny

Christian Comedian Jeanne Robertson's Hilarious Stand-Up on Mothers and Daughters - Funny Video