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It's sad, really, when you think about it. I mean, don't my fellow ladies value their worth like I do? I'm more than my curves, and so are they, but I don't think they realize it.

I bet it's going to like that

Hilarious Pics Worth Clicking Through<---sad but will be accurate

But that is EXACTLY where the liberal agenda is intended to go....THEY HAVE GUNS TO CONTROL YOU. That can't happen until they DISARM you. But trust them...THEY JUST WANT TO KEEP CHILDREN SAFE...says the Administration that just BLESSED the ABORTION CLINIC.

Guns keep us safe against people that want to hurt us. Why do you think the military has guns? Obama, those secret service agents are keeping you safe with guns!


Art This is going to be my future child = Batman ! The most important thing in life is to be yourself. Unless you can be Batman. Always be Batman! Inspirational Quotes inspiration-quotes-etc

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......though I will have a fangirl attack which involves flapping of the hands, squealing and writhing about on the floor....

I will fangirl, but I am not a fangirl. I AM A FANWARRIOR!//Dontcha mean damn gay? XD (Btw, what's up with the censorship.