such amazing art!! :)

This pencil drawing turned out beautiful. The purple earring and the red lips just popped the picture. One of my favorites

Beautiful art. So cool.

These drawings are so freakin' AMAZING. They've inspired me to start drawing again!

such a good drawing if you ever want to learn to draw mark crilley is amazing !!!

such a good drawing if you ever want to learn to draw mark crilley is amazing !

This is amazing! Would never be able to draw anything as good as that, but the flowers-in-hair idea...

Illustration inspiration

Girl with Roses in her Hair Drawings by Kate Louse Powell.

Eye Drawing - if only I had this kind of skill haha

Eye Drawing With Cat-Eye Eyeliner

A perfect example of the everything learned prior to drawing their final portrait.  This is what the final portrait should ultimately look like.  They will have learned how to draw facial features, how to draw basic black and white value, and how to create an interesting composition zooming in on a portion of their face.  I can't wait to see how they turn out.

When drawing self portrait, you can crop to the part that you may like to express. The eyes can express a lot of emotions in a portrait. Other expressive feature of face is Mouth


Original watercolor and charcoal fashion illustration by Jessica Durrant titled The Cat's Eye

What's better than a little maturity and realistic drawing than this!!!

Eye drawing, black and white


Messy hair drawing - would love to draw like this

Nora has a thing for Opal's oversized, handknitted sweaters. Especially once Opal dies. <---- not mine but I have ideas now

Girl sketch, variations in lines, the flow of that hair!