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~~ Asiatic lily 'Queen of the Night' Thoroughly spectacular and totally unique, Queen of Night boasts big flowers so dark they appear black in the garden. Large red-orange stamens highlight the ebony blooms nicely. Their sweet fragrance is a lovely acce

Taiwan Unicorn

The 'Taiwan Unicorn' Hibiscus, a hybrid beauty by Linda Lee from Taiwan. (First incorrectly identified as the the King Cobra Hibiscus). I love these hibiscus.need a wide garden to plant all kind of hibiscus

Rosa nera

Natural Black Rose ~ the Black Rose grows only in Halfeti, Turkey. Black roses are incredibly rare and although they appear black they are actually a very deep crimson color. Just Adore black roses❤️

Butterfly effect - Topluluk - Google+

tinted lilium davidii Trinity Stills Photography. Photo of lilies that are sublime! To the wall gallery!

Fritillaria persica. Liliaceae, native to the middle east and varies from deep purple to light green.

Never seen a dark flower Fritillaria persica, dark colored flowers, dark flowers, dark plant options

Mapira Asiatic Lily, perennial bulb. 3'H Dark red buds open to intense black cherry blooms

1 bulb True lily bulbs,double lily flower bulbs,(not lily seeds),bonsai pot Bulbous flowers Root lilium plants for home garden


The Black Rose is found in a region in Turkey called "Halfatty". Black and white rose

Dahlia: "Tartan"

Must plant this Spring: Dahlias Dahlia 'Tartan' - White and dark red petals are long and twist and turn towards the ends. Blooms measure across.


Zhui star Yellow Flower Diamond Painting Cross Stitch Pattern Diamond Embroidery Mosaic Resin Home Decor cube diamond painting


bag rare mixed colors rose seeds rainbow rose seeds bonsai flower seeds black rose balcony plant for home garden supplies

Must Try Heliconia orthotricha Guacamaya #provestra

How to Care for a Lobster Claw Heliconia Plant

"Lobster Claw" Heliconia Rostrata, attracts butterflies and hummingbirds. (Don't want to attract any humming birds but it's still hella pretty)

Flo Castro

Pink Mink Protea (Protea neriifolia) The Protea plant loves the more cooler climate. The Protea gardeners do pretty good in sales on the Island of Maui in Hawaii.