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You are the Sunshine of my life.

You are the Sunshine of my life.

You are my Sunshine.

You are my Sunshine.

Good morning sunshine!

little golden nugget

Mucky pup!

hes like mud ! what mud? i would never play in the mud. okay fine i played in the mud. but it was sooooo worth having to take a bath !

This is a scene I hope to recreate when I have a family of my own ^_^

Puppy dreams, Golden Style OMG I'm tired!

Ha ha this is so cute

who needs a bottle opener when you have this pup?

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I'll just shove my wet nose in your face till you wake up.

21 Quotes That Will Change The Way You Think About Labradors

So TRUE! I try to live each day with a heart like my sweet dog! :( Hearts like dogs!

Do you think his costume is a-peeling? lol

banana with a ball Hey , Brian , sing the " Peanut Butter Jelly Time " song 4 me !

Spanish Mastiff..what a beautiful face..wish I could kiss and cuddle U..I kissed that screen..Love U

beautiful photo and beautiful dog - Spanish Mastiff

we have to do this for our Christmas card this year mama!

Can u just imagine him saying "I'm trying to kill a spider."  Haha

High five, dude. High five.

that look ♡

that look ♡

Almost white

What mud? Make this a dachshund and this would be my Dixie Belle and generally right after a bath do I find her in the mud puddle.

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Labrador Retriever - Intelligent and Fun Loving

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Labrador Retriever Welpen schokobraun mit Papieren

Labrador Retrievers, your choice of color .This is what heaven looks like!