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Eleanor Calder

ok, i'll clear this up now. i'm heartbroken about what happened, but i love dani. knowing daddy d, they'll still be friends, and i'm so relieved her and el are still close too :) i just hope they work it out and get married

Eleanor Calder: that basically wraps it up and tops it with a bow! Not only those things listed, but honestly, she doesn't use Louis for the fame, and she kills haters with sarcasm! #respect El is just the sweetest person ♥ how could you not like her?

EXACTLY so please please stop the hate, you guys can ship whatever you want to ship, but just keep out of their own private lives and stop sending death threats. If you truly love Louis so much, you would want to believe him and support his desicions.

el el el el el el el el el el el el el el el el el el el el el el!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Eleanor Calder❤ Love u sooo much babe! I hope to meet u! it would b a dream come true! love u lots! Well hope to talk to u soon!

Eleanor Calder  / Montreal - Canada / July 3 - 2013

Eleanor Calder / Montreal - Canada / July 3 - Eleanor is so absolutely beautiful, wonderful, amazing, & gorgeous!

@Eleanor Smith Calder simply gorgeous!!!! How have you been lately? I hope everything is well with you!!

That's true beauty :) she goes thru all the Larry hate, and just hate in particular everyday, but still has that gorgeous smile of hers. Louis makes her happy, she makes Louis happy.

she loos so much like jennifer lawrence here. its unbelievable

Eleanor Calder