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The Face

Neville Brody's classic 'Electro' cover for The Face Magazine Neville Brody - famous graphic designer in the

I love the descriptions used to differentiate among different VHS tapes: "Super HG" "High Energy" "Super Visual" "XR Excellent Resolution" etc.

make music by saronabm

Make music not war by Brian Gossett - from Typography by edigu.

State by Neville Brody shows type being deconstructed — less about communicating words — more about glyph as design

State by Neville Brody Getting inside the structure of the alphabet and accentuate the shapes. The negative shapes are given equal prominence to the positive, an attempt to diffuse the power of language and the hierarchy imposed by typographic rules.

beta tape - Pesquisa Google

beta tape - Pesquisa Google

neville brody posters - Google Search AMD - a really groovy poster with a great array of colour, the typography broken up with individual parts of each letter or number a different colour is an awesome and striking contrast

Neville Brody Lecture Poster on Behance

neville brody work - Google Search

neville brody work - Google Search

Tear Up the Plans - Neville Brody font design

met hamer

“Citizen Science” and the New World of EPA Regulatory Enforcement

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Alessandro Strickner on Behance

VHS Case - still got a few of these

Video Home System - artnau

Neville Brody -the Face 1986 neville Brody has created a clownlike face made out of the letters used to spell face, it is fun and bright that uses red and blue but also black. it is simple but effective and still readable to the observer and that is why i like it.

The Face 1986 - Designed by Neville Brody

kiln cast. design idea. Neville Brody, A Lesson In Typography, The Face, April, 1988

Neville Brody - "The Death of Typography" - 1988

Poster by Neville Brody   Neville Brody is an internationally renowned designer, typographer, art director and brand strategist. As founder of the Research Studios network and partner in each of our operations, his insight, methodology and appetite for excellence inform every aspect of our work.

Brody creates typeface for England's World Cup shirt

neville brody work - Google Search

neville brody work - Google Search

Polaroid film time zero - probably the 60's  Mom never went anywhere without her Polaroid camera. Remember the anticipation of waiting to peel the back off.  Oh and waving it so it would dry faster???

Polaroid Supercolor Time Zero SX 70 Land Film on Designspiration