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Axis Powers: Hetalia, Denmark, Sweden

Axis Powers: Hetalia, Denmark, Sweden

1. Lies down in a ball.   2.Tries her hardest not to cry.   3. *one second later* Cries a waterfall and entire room is flooded with tears....Poor Italy...

I regret reading this at school. people looked at me weirdly for crying so suddenly. Hetaoni will always hurt, no matter what.

U.S. and Russia-- I don't ship it but the art is cute

and Russia. Al plays mandolin! LSO why the heck is going on lol

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Nekotalia Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Iceland so cute!

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Lovino and Feliciano growing up - Art by つまこ - I love how in the third panel North Italy is all badass and then compare that to the last panel XD (yeah but not into itacest)

The Nordics are the best family ever ^-^

Denmark Matthias Kohler Sweden Berwald Oxenstierna Finland Tino Vainamoinen Iceland Emil Steilsson Norway Lukas Bondevik aka, The Nordics

Lol! XD

XD "Don't be upsetti have some spaghetti"<<< sounds like something Papyrus would say

APH - BOOM DE-AH-DA - Part 1/3 by Silbido.deviantart.com on @deviantART I love this so much!

APH - BOOM DE-AH-DA - This song though brings me name k to grade as a whole class of nerdy kids sings along

This made me cry, but yet it's so beautiful I could not stop looking at it. *starts crying again just thinking about it* << the fall of Holy Rome and the birth of Germany