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Niall Horan. One Direction. Nuff said.

Who Is Your Celebrity Future Husband?

Is Niall Horan your favorite member of One Direction? If so you may be interested in these Niall Horan facts. Niall Horan is the Irish member. Niall Horan Niall Horan Niall Horan One Direction One Direction One Direction

Yo soy del segundo JAJAJAJAJAJAJA

Haha, I dislike one direction but this is great. However we and my friend are like this. I'm Harry. I really don't care if people touch me, but she will bite your head off.

Liam is always right, don't doubt Liam. Ever.

Liam is always right, don't doubt Liam.<<< Niall is per-fect best song evver

"mother teresa" lol hahah and they annouced that they are doing adele when they are done with the boys

"mother teresa" lmfao i died! Out of all the ppl he chose mother teresa! Oh my cupcake

@Sydney Fullmer Dude thought of you!!! FUNNY!

What are u talking about. its impossible to make that cute of a face, except Niall< i know! (and this happens (not so cute) in ms smith's class when someone else gets yelled at) :D

He's such a cutie

The iCarly cast said that Niall’s laugh is annoying… Awkward moment when Niall’s laugh is funnier than the actual show.<<<<< I hate Icarly because of that! His laugh is so adorable! I ❤️ niall!