Lego city set up......just need the pieces!!! Aubrey and Quin would flip out if I built this!!!

Very fun Lego beach house. The Lime green is perfect with the black and white house.

A Place in the Sun by Louie le Brickvalier, via Flickr

A Place in the Sun by Louie le Brickvalier, via Flickr

Not done with this one yet but I may have to put off finishing it. The VLC has a big Pirate show this summer and I have to start thinking arrrrr pirate.

Beautifully done city block. Nice modification on the Fire Station. What is LEGO's obsession with fire and police themes?

Frontal | by valgarise

These models will give you a bunch of Modular LEGO building ideas. A lot of cool ideas, techniques, and other awesomeness.

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Lego City ~ This is what I want for my boy. along with all the trains & farms & Spanish & French Island Fortresses & The Pirate Ship & all that goes with it. (His mom & dad can get him all the other stuff.) ~Via Keiko Kondo