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Laws That Should Totally Be Real (That boy, always with his head in the clouds. The woman shakes her head, folding her clothes with more force than necessary. On the front lawn a boy lays on the ground, feet in the air watching the clouds in the sky.

"That innocent act doesn't work on me, honey." Mikey chuckles in that deep voice. "I don't know what you're talking about, Sir." You say, looking at him with those wide 'innocent' eyes with just a hint of lust, biting back your smirk. You saw how he hardened. "Off." "What?" "Stockings off, dress off, now. Show me what's mine." He orders. "Be a good girl and I'll fuck you though three orgasms instead of just one."

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[ ruth / 19 / australia ] a combination of nature, photography, literature, art and random quirky shit.

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gotta love these dorkies aught my all time forever fave snk babes