This is pretty corny, but oh well. Happs @sk8erhannah123

Which Villain Is Actually Your Evil Twin?

Well it could've been a basketball

I love how the Harry Potter fandom can misspell siriusly and it's totally cool. XD ^ It's not like if it's an accidental misspelling. It's a pun . Based on the character Sirius .

29 Tips To Make Your Day Magical At The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter

Whether you want to roam the streets of Diagon Alley or cast some spells in Hogsmeade, these hacks and easter eggs will make your day a little more magical. Great tips!

I go to the University of Arizona "because Hogwarts didn't accept FASFA"

"Because Hogwarts Didn't Accept FAFSA" - perfect shirt for a new college student and Harry Potter fan ;