Harry Potter feels <---- you think who came up with this and shattered my heart into a million pieces? << This really hurts my heart, WHY DID FRED HAVE TO DIE 😫


Pardon the language but.that is epic. Please please please let that be real.

The last part is hilarious! But I never noticed how much they had to be paying attention to each other in the Great Hall.

Draco Malfoy and Harry Potter. Language aside, this is hilarious!

Hedwig's life span sized dump

The Dark Lord had a grandchild that no one knew about. This grandchi… Fanfiction

this is so beautiful that there should be angels singing in the background whenever ppl read this<<got that handled. Jimin is singing Lie and he is an angel.

Oh yes I hope so, not that logic works that way

My little sister had a friend tell her that Voldemort had no nose because he was once riding a broom and wasn't watching where he was going so he smashed into a light pole. >> hah say hi to your sister from me

This is why she's my favorite professor. I mean Dumbledore is Awesome and everything too but McGonagal is just fantastic! That was actually really in the books.

Finally an answer!

Theory: Why Peter Pettigrew's name didn't appear on the Marauder's Map While I agree with this theory. Didn't Harry see Peter on the map before Harry knew he was an animagi? >>> he could have been in human form for a second.