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H.R> Puffinstuff, whose your friend when things get rough?

R> Puffinstuff, whose your friend when things get rough?

Screenshot of Mayor Pufnstuf and his friend Jimmy from TV series "H.R. Pufnstuf"

HR Pufnstuf, another wonderfully drug-induced show from Sid & Marty Krofft.

H R Pufnstuf!  ( I love Witchy-Pooh!!) One of my favorites, also loved Sigmund the Sea Monster

Trip down memory lane: '60s & '70s TV

One of my favorite Saturday Morning cartoons- back in the day ; ) "where I went when things got rough"

Gumby and Pokey I had the toys the next generation had the show lol

For those who don’t know Gumby, he is a stop-action cartoon character made out…

H.R. Pufnstuf - I know, it's SO retro for the time period it came out. But, I loved this show.

R PUFNSTUF INTRO -bit creepy hahah, good example of kind of opening that tells u the overarching story/introduces characters -popular style for onrunning shows, similar is done in danny phantom etc

And who could forget the most bizarre, had-to-be-drug-induced idea for a show: H.R. PuffnStuff!  That Witchy Poo was so mean to the vulture!

When you're an only child, you get creative when you play. Thanks to the TV, I had instant BFFs who had no idea I was around. In this instance, I created my own character (Jimmy's sister) and inserted myself in the action I saw happening on the screen.

45's - I still have a ton of these from my teen years, just collecting dust!

I'd get a new 45 the my weekly allowance and play it over and over till my Dad work say enough. Loved the music.

H.R. Pufnstuf, the dragon that started it all ... nice white go go boots- loved Jack Wild!

That takes you back a ways. I still have my HR Pufnstuff lunch box!