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Incoming call

We dare to try not to laugh as you look through these illustrations by Matthieu Barrre. Called "Aweful Drawings," they're a fun way to start off you

How to get rich quick

Hilariously Insightful Illustrations : Awful Drawings by Matthieu Barrere

Every day I save a life... by not killing the person next to me.

Um, do you eat at work the way you eat at home? Just wondering.

loooks like my life for the next while...

So true. Get your own life, stalker. We aren't friends anymore

one of my greatest annoyances, useless texting

My mom has done this.

Toothpaste for Dinner comic site...  oh this place does make me laugh

Toothpaste for Dinner comic site.

Too true.

I think I'm doing my job well hahahah

Maybe this is what I need!

Maybe this is what I need!

Comic by Toothpaste For Dinner: we got a thank you card

Comic by Toothpaste For Dinner: we got a thank you card

The internet is like oxygen

The internet, oxygen, full retard

Lol I guess the mom thinks you can change the logo like you can change the background on your computer screen

Run The Google?

I'm going to start a "mom text message" board. Problem is, my mom doesn't know how to text.

Don't make me come back there!

Toothpaste For Dinner Random Comics

Look’s alright to me…

Funny pictures about Looks alright to me. Oh, and cool pics about Looks alright to me. Also, Looks alright to me.

Not many people view virginity this way anymore. Stereotypically, men definitely don't. This may be more applicable to a woman in a culture where virginity is seen as a part of a dowry.

If you come NEAR ME.I will stab YOU. Going for The Boy Scout Virginity Badge? I know it won't be easy.just use Boy Scout Control.are you also working on your Dental and Optician Badge?Did it hurt? When you feel from Heaven?

It is my life's goal!!

My motivation pic

Smart phone

I’ll Call It A Smart phone when