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The INFJs inner circle truly is only reserved for the most special people! *blessed*

Voici pourquoi être dans un Inner Circle INFJs Makes You vraiment béni

Perfect description of our quirky disposition.

A bit unapproachable. I've been told I am downright scary and completely unapproachable. but I am nice I promise!


I don't always "avoid" fun stuff. But it takes me longer (and sometime convincing) to want to go than the average person. The Counselor, INFJ personality type

I don't struggle with depression. I struggle with reality. #INFJ

Perfectly describes how I've been feeling these past years. I believe every INFJ has gone through a phase like this. The worst thing would be if we don't make an effort to get out.

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Congratulations on the procurement your new INFJ!* INFJs are highly sought after in the personality type collecting world given their extremely rare nature. INFJ spotting is a very difficult hobby,…

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Quiet People Loud Minds Quote

Quiet People Loud Minds Quote

This is so true though. I think that is because louder people need to talk as loud as their minds speak, and therefore, survival has dictated that their brains should be quieter.


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