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I wish people would just get that. I'd hate to tell them because it sounds so selfish and if I tell them then how do you know that they mean it after you tell them? —Cheney—INFJ Problems

INFJ Problems — Yeah for sure. I have the hardest time asking for help, and I just feel like I'm being needy or annoying.

Yes, but while I do love written convos, I also love and need in-person convos, too!! #INFJ #communication

INFJ communication style, prefers language that is metaphoric instead of precise and plain. is persuaded by emotionally presented, personal material

Most accurate infj description ever. Except for the marijuana, like...where'd that come from? Lol

Most accurate infj description ever. Except for the marijuana,.wher Most accurate INFJ description ever.

Yes to all & the last part...please don't lie to me...when I find out or even realize as you are lying to me...it destroys everything I thought of you

If you lie to me I will use that 'famous' INFJ door slam on you., it completely destroys my trust and I'm too sensitive to not cut you off