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This is what popped up when i searched rainbow makeup......

By far one of my favourite alternative pin up models - Amelia Nightmare. She truly takes my breath away

Love the fierce make up + contact lenses

My Medusa gorgon costume at the Elf Fantasy Fair. Photo by Viorella Whole outfit by me.

ALEX BOX  #WinWayneGossTheCollection

We exist in a Transhuman world with our reliance on machine and powered energy. There's no better expression of this other than Illmasqua's futuristic fashions! Here they've utilized Body Electrics' make-up inspired by,

LOVE. spinningbirdkick: Patrick Demarchelier / Vogue China Collections Fall 2012.

‘Simply Elegant’ Publication: Vogue China Collections Fall/ Winter 2012 Models: Hedvig Palm, Romee Strijd, Julia Frauche , Nastya Kusakina and Lara Mullen Photographer: Patrick Demarchelier Fashion.

Stunning Gallery of Creative Floral Flower Eyeliner That You Must See

Stunning Gallery of Creative Floral Flower Eyeliner That You Must See

Floral makeup can be different. As in the truest sense - created using live flowers. As figuratively - with painted plants.

Oh Girls, I Just Wanna Have FUN!!!

cosmetic-appetite: “ iska-ithil: “ Photography: RavenBlakh Photography MUA: Anastasija Potjomkina Model: Iska (me) ” Seriously she is gorgeous. even her “every-day” makeup is bloody fantastic.

geometric make up - Pesquisa Google

Fashion - trippychick-makeup: Fuck That is amazing, extra-dimensional - COMPLETE Magazine - read about the most exclusive and elusive fashion accessories from best designers.

love the dress


Into The Deep - June 2012 / Beauty Director: Carlene Higgins / Art Director: Tanya Watt / Photographer: Chris Nicholls

Avantgarde Frisuren Kirsche Geisha Roll

Trendfrisuren auf dem Laufsteg - Inspirationsbilder mit Tipps dazu