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A heavy armored Teutonic knight. Fully armored and wearing a cape for comfort and protection against weather.



A Brother of the Knights Hospitaller.

m Cleric chain mail armor shield helm mace Royal Army A Black Templar or as they were known back in the day a Knights Hospitaller.

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"The Knights Templar's Prayer"

Eu amei alguém e este alguém não amou ninguém. Eu amei o sol, eu amei a lua e na encruzilhada eu amei Seu Tranca Ruas.

m Fighter chain sword cloak midlvl Cavaleiro Templário (Templar Knight)

Cavaleiros e Templários

Cavaleiros e Templários




“ Yes, love the photos of your pets the bagels are beautiful. My daughter Heidi has a Beagle & we have Lilly the American Eskimo miniature.


This would definitely work for Nicholas's everyday wardrobe (minus the cross on the tunic). Kind of like Aragorn, but not.

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The world is changing. I can feel it in the air. I can taste it on the wind.  Long ago, the powers of all mortal-kind held alliance against a being...

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