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Snail umbrella

“A Snail's Life”. Photographer Vyacheslav Mischenko captures gorgeous macro photographs of snails near his hometown of Berdichev, Ukraine. After being taught to hunt for mushrooms as a child, Vyacheslav has grown up with a keen eye for spotti.

O Livro da Natureza: Insetos Hymenoptera

If you can credit the photographer/image owner let me know.


Funny pictures about Peek a boo. Oh, and cool pics about Peek a boo. Also, Peek a boo photos.

Lady Bug, Lady Bug, fly away home.  To my home.  (love this book, but don't really want a ladybug invasion)

Flora, Goddess of Flowers and Spring: How to Attract Ladybugs to Your Yard. Lady bugs are good luck.

Bicho-Pau-espinhoso-gigante (Extatosoma tiaratum) endêmico da Austrália.                                                                                                                                                                                 Mais


Australian Walking Stick / Extatosoma tiaratum (photo by Igor Siwanowicz)

Os registros do fotógrafo Nicky Bay evidenciam a extensa variedade de pequenos animais da fauna de seu país, Cingapura.

Macro Photographs of Singapore’s Most Unusual Insects and Arachnids by Nicky Bay Cicadae Parasite Beetle (Rhipiceridae)

Ants playing duck, duck, goose.

Ring of Fire Photo by Husni Che Ngah -- National Geographic Your Shot: "Four things on earth are among the smallest, But they are instinctively wise: The ants are not strong creatures, Yet they prepare their food in the summer.