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Former employee here. I can confirm that the spoon attaches to the mixer.

Funny tumblr post  My friend literally only has one obsession and it's hard to get her gifts cause I can't keep giving her the same thing.

But my obsessions are all small and dumb and how do you get stuff for it… oh right, I have an awesome friend who I have tons of inside jokes with who also happens to be super talented but I feel bad because I can never do the same for her…

Asking The Important Questions

But some people say mac and cheese so we would be saying macaroni and cheese and cheese<Double cheese mac and cheese

The 25 Weirdest Things That Have Happened On Late Night Tumblr

The 25 Weirdest Things That Have Happened On Late Night Tumblr

I don't know if I'm dreading it or looking forward to just winter but I like fall too..


yea but i hate how the fall era ends when november starts but in reality fall lasts till November i feel like the fall obsessed phase was too short it was only 2 months it went by SOOOOOOOO FAST

Life lessons from video games... When you meet enemies it means you are going the right way

Whenever you're feeling down, just remember how video games work: whenever you meet enemies, it means you're going in the right direction.