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artistic surreal photomanipulation by sarolta ban 25 in Amazing Surreal Photo manipulation by Sarolta Ban

Bitch Please..

This picture I think fits Richard Parker, because the quote says "We all have a fighter in us" and obviously he is a predatory animal, but under the circumstances of being stranded in the life boat, he has to fight for his life and continue to stay alive.

i miss you...

a perfect world~What a wonderful Promise from our Grand Creator Jehovah God


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Kodiac Bears, Kodiak Island, Alaska, USA - Pixdaus

Bears on Kodiak Island, Alaska,- Photo by Ines Griguol. Lying in the Gulf of Alaska, Kodiak is the largest of the USA’s islands

Prev pinner wrote: Gaetano Pazzella - very Strength card-ish. Beyond a name (the woman, lion, place) I don't know what the rest of that means. I just love the feeling I get when looking at the photo.

this woulda been what i looked like as a child if i was beside a penguin..quite similar to how i am now when i see a penguin too! haha

Aannnnd that would be my reaction if a penguin sat next to me. :) oh how I wish I could own a penguin for a pet!