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Foldables Fun!  A huge packet of foldable templates, directions for use, examples.  42 page packet includes 20 different foldable templates, including: Windowed Wheel, Triorama, Flower Foldables, Shutters, Flap Foldables, Layered Booklet, Accordions, Mini Books Envelope, and More!  There are hundreds of ways to use foldables in the classroom. These interactive graphic organizers are perfect for note-taking, book reports, fact study, vocabulary, sequencing, project display, etc. Love this!

Foldable Fun! 20 EDITABLE Templates: Mini-book, Flaps, Accordions, & More

Looking to incorporate interactive notebooks into your class? Check out this blog post to get some ideas for your classes!

Ideas and Resources for Using Interactive Notebooks in the Classroom

Water Cycle cootie catcher. Great for Brownie WOW Journey.

9 Best Images of Blank Printable Fortune Teller - Paper Fortune Teller Template, Printable Cootie Catcher Template and Paper Fortune Teller Template

Site with ideas for foldables. I look forward to exploring this site to glean ideas for the interactive notebooks I plan to use in English.

foldables for every content area! I have started using foldables in my class and my students love them! They actually look back at their notes.

Grade Sheet Printable | Printable Gradebook | Sine Over Cosine of the Times

Even though our school system has a completely elctronic gradebook and attandance book online I still love to have a physical gradebook. You just never know what is going to happen or when the sit…