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Black Geared Steampunk Riding Hat With Goggles (the goggles would need to be tweaked a little bit to look less like diving goggles though)

It is hard to find something that black does not match. If you're certain you need a stylish Steampunk hat but do not know which matches well, then go with the safe bet - the Black Geared Steampunk Riding Hat with Goggles.

Steampunk Teacup Holster by DocStonesTinkering on Etsy

Handmade Brass and Leather holster for your teacup duelists and tea enthusiasts. Custom fit leather Holster straps to any belt.

`.Steampunk Wings - Pulley Driven. The link seems broken at the time I Pinned this. I'll have another look later.

Steampunk Icarus Wings - Handmade wings…I've bin looking for the original site that these wings came from and finely found it!

SALE Steampunk Mini Pith Helmet Hat

Steampunk Mini Pith Helmet Hat Vegan Friendly (FAS 122)

Steampunk Pith helmet

Steampunk Explorers Helmet/Safari Hat - just like the guy at Intense Intents in Tents!