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League of Legends Warwick Pixel Artist: AbyssWolf Source: ahruon.tumblr.com

PixelArtus is a sideproject by which is dedicated to the Power of Pixel Art. Additional PixelProspector sideprojects can be found here PixelArtus Overview Page (games with pixel art,.

Chaos Armored Knight, Zaid Al-Shaheed on ArtStation at https://www.artstation.com/artwork/xR6Ym

A character I design, modeled, textured, Rigged and Animated using Blender and ClipStudio for an Indie Game project Chaos

Finn and Jake by =AbyssWolf on deviantART (animated gif)

More stuff done between work hours, this time Finn and Jake from Adventure time, I love this series I made them a little different from their usual look. Finn and Jake

Star Wars Fighters Pixel Artist: Orkimides Source: orkimides.deviantart.com

Again with GoT sprites, this time i want to do a kind of project imagining the characters in a fighting game with a pixelated style. My plan is to add a new character every week starting with: .

MANNERS - Yordle Design by EsbenLash on DeviantArt

Manners - The True Gentleman Thought it would be fun if he got buffed whenever he helps female characters. Oh yeah he cracks quite a punch too!

Kaiju Concept

Kaiju Concept