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Blue Arowana peaceful carnivore can reach 48" S. American native; illegal in Florida; a juvenile costs $400

The Blue Arowana gets its name from the blue sheen on its scale when under lighting. The blue is a pearlescent blue that reflects from the body as it moves.

Scientific NameOsteoglossidae Common Name(s)Arowana, water monkey, dragon  fish OriginAfrica Temperature Range79-86°F pH Range6.0-7.0 Adult Size60  -90cm DietCrustaceans, insects, smaller fishes, dead meat Arowana Facts:  1. The name Arowana comes from the Indonesian arwana or nirwana, meaning  fish of paradise  2. Arowana have been recorded jumping more than 6 ft from the water to pick  off insects and birds from overhanging branches in South America, earning  them the nickname ‘Water…


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Two of our Albino Silver Arowanas swimming side by side!

Albino Silver Arowana

Two of our Albino Silver Arowanas swimming side by side!

Scleropages Formosus Red

Red Arowana Scleropages Formosus: The red Arowana is very popular among the Chinese hobbyists and is believed to bring prosperity and wealth to the owner.


Stunning and Full of Color Asian Arowanas ~ Exotic Freshwater and Saltwater Fishes


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Black Arowana SAME AS Blue Arowana

BLACK AROWANA It was found in 1966 in the Rio Grande River of Brazil. Its body is similar to the Silver Arowana .

Saw some arowanas at the L’Aquarium de Barcelona.

iantojonesthebetta: “ Saw some arowanas at the L’Aquarium de Barcelona. Thought the arowana lovers out there might enjoy these pics!