INFJ qualities

INFJ qualities

14 Likes, 2 Comments - @vegancooliebai on Instagram: “#goodmorning #energy #ispeak #fluently #first #language #bereal #withme #bewhoyouare #vibes #dont…”

14 Likes, 2 Comments - @vegancooliebai on Instagram: “#goodmorning #energy #ispeak #fluently #first #language #bereal #withme #bewhoyouare #vibes #dont…”

INFJ Confession. So very true...I bite my tongue, a lot, but when my mouth erupts, watch out.<---- exactly!!!!

Totally agree, I would say Wrath is my greatest sin PP: INFJ Confession. So very true.I bite my tongue, a lot, but when my mouth erupts, watch out.

Although I would say I try to understand what motives them; I don't already know. But is a drive deep within me to learn everyone's motives and reasons for their choices.

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INFJ - rejection is common but hurtful. Have to focus more on self care.

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Real Connection

I would rather have one small weird moment of real connection than hours of polite conversation. So true. So so true.

Yesterday I shared with you that I intruded but resolved a dispute using the cognitive functions, which I, of-course, had to explain to them as I understand.. When I got to Ni, I mentioned my affiliation, and one of them told me that even if I don't say anything, I slide into a prolonged cringe, and lose interest in what he had begun saying.  Apparently I only communicate (Fe) with faces, not masks (Ni)

INFJ Pet Peeves Superficiality, vanity, extravagance and anyone desperately seeking attention. INFJs are highly attuned to spotting "fake" people. They are able to see both the mask and the person beneath it. I'm intj but yes

I may have never read anything more accurate about myself. For serious.

😂 I am so loving these infj things. I am not alone in my weirdness!

They becee have to be about appearances. Tell me that I brighten your day; that my advice helps you; that my presence is important to you

I'd like to hear compliments on more than just my someone is happy that I exist or I make life easier.