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[Vyrl] EXO : #EXO-L #2017새해복많이받으세요 #HappyNewYear

[Vyrl] EXO : #EXO-L #2017새해복많이받으세요 #HappyNewYear


With about a week left till their comeback, EXO has shared details on the overall format of their upcoming album, which has a variety of features that fans

Via @sehun_diary) on Instagram: “- [Official] 《170114》 EXO-L Staff Diary update. --♡-- {#sehun || #oohsehun || #ohsehun || #exo ||…”

[Trans] 170115 EXO-L Staff Diary Update: "The path that EXO travels is always filled with the galaxy of EXO-Ls. Because of the brightly shining EXO-L, EXO is able to shine again today.^^ Always~ thankful.

Chuyện thật như đùa: Mỗi lần SM ra nhóm nhạc mới là một lần bị chê bất tài - TinNhac.com

reflects on latest U. tour and shares a hint about an upcoming album (video interview) blbrd.

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9 in our eyes 12 in our hearts. Let's support EXO forever saranghaja!

Exo's Monster is the second overdose era - saying that bcs so many people joined the fandom just like in 2014 :) #blessed #Monster #Exo

Unholy mother of Cthulhu.I cant even keep my mouth closeDAT Chen, D.O, freking flawless Yixing and bane of my existence Mr.Xiufuckindaddy (brb off to bathe in holy water)