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My college recently put on the Tempest and added a bit of rapping to the scene where the two men meet Calaban. And I think that’s just what Shakespeare would have wanted.

'Alabama accent' I'm from Alabama I take no offense to this. Personally, I think it's great we have an 'accent' if our own, even if it is just meaning sounding like a southern hick

Why is this funny http://ibeebz.com

Aaaaaa the younger version looks like my friend. Also the younger version is hot too. I have a hot friend.

Hamilton AU where everything is the same they just play rock paper scissors instead

Hamilton modern AU where all the duels are just Rock Paper Scissors no-one dies yay (except maybe Laurens poor BBY)

Tickld - Spread Laughter and Cure Boredom

Samuel L. Jackson narrating a little girl's inner monologue xD (I need this to happen!

Wait so it was a lockdown right? My school's lockdowns are so weird, these red lights come on in the halls and the younger students started calling it 'Bloodwatch'. There's only ever been two real lockdowns. The first was when a pack of feral dogs got into the school, the second was when this kid climbed onto the roof and started screaming about killing himself. He was standing on top of the classroom I WAS IN.

Same happened to me and we thought it was a lock down so we were hiding in the dark for about fifteen minutes when we realized it was a tornado drill and we were on the second floor.

"Omg Donald trump is gonna be a dictator!!!!!1!1" "wants Darth Vader to be president" i mean, they're democrats for sure

"Omg Donald trump is gonna be a "wants Darth Vader to be president" i mean, they're democrats for sure<<they provide good evidence you condescending bitch

Immagine di funny, lol, and random

This is actually a really fantastic social experiment. If you have a generic haircut and color and fashionable or nice clothes and you pretend you're famous, people will believe it.

Denim on denim is fugly. But it's not like the zombies will judge your fashion sense.

Last sentence 😂 there might be a zombie apocalypse going on but dammit, that's no excuse to break fashion rules

This is the best thing I've read in a while

Although Trump would probably take a lot longer considering he doesn't believe in excersize and is a fathead

Something tumblr has taught me

But in all seriousness I challenge you to find me something I cannot excuse with 'It's for Science!

......now there is a SMART AND CLEVER kid.........I wonder if he got extra credit for that???!!!

Funny pictures about A really smart kid. Oh, and cool pics about A really smart kid. Also, A really smart kid.

The funny thing is is that this would actually work

Donald Trump Just Proved Buying Twitter Followers Works