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oh lawd.

Yeah, shrinkage makes it look a LOT shorter. All these natural hair memes had me cracking up! : I love people's reaction when I straighten my hair.

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We as women are our own worst enemies. Instead of putting each other down, let's lift each other up. Let's empower one another. Let's build a strong unit.Am I my sisters keeper? Dee couldn't have said this better Amen!

What hair?  ROFL!!!  Don't be scared!  Believe me a TWA is far cuter than unhealthy, short, broken, relaxed hair.  Trust!  (But on a side note....whoever took the picture of this girl reading on a bus is DEAD wrong...smh)

Photo: Uh oh. This is so funny because I look at those girls like but you only have about 2 inches to go before you ain't got no hair.