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Calvin the Labrador Retriever

Labrador retrievers, or “Labs” as they’ve become fondly known, are one of the most popular dog breeds of our time. Generally known and loved for their cheerful


5 Reasons why Labrador Retrievers make great family pets :) I have a black lab, and although her first year, the destructive puppy phase, was really crazy, she totally mellowed out and she's the best dog we've ever had.

Look at that face!

A list of the Cutest Black Lab Pictures. Are you in the mood to see some adorable photos of Black Lab dogs? This is a list of some of the cutest Black Labrador phot.

Einstein the Mixed Breed.  . I was born in Watts, California. My parents rescued me when I was only 8 weeks old and have provided me with a great and loving home. I am very happy and love meeting people and other puppies. I want to be a therapy dog when I grow up. Right now I have learned how to jump, fetch, come, sit, give kisses and lay down.

This a dog named Einstein a mixed breed. Doesn't he look like Albert Einstein?

Benji the Labrador Retriever

My name is Benji. I am an incredibly cute Labrador puppy enjoying life. I am very sociable and have many friends. My favorite activities in