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Custom Lash Kini Band Headband helps keep hair out of your face without tying it back. Code provides discount at checkout.

Everything You Need To Know About Eyelash Extensions

Audition Record & Consultation Cards

Add a professional touch to your eyelash extension service with record and consultation cards. We advise all technicians issue one prior to the treatment.

Perfect extension of my hand. Code provides discount at checkout.

Lash Mapping is a great tool to help you remember which lengths you want to apply and to what location on the clients eye.

BRILLIANT Adhesive Shaker helps you start the work day on seconds and in 1 second between guests if needed. Keep your adhesive mixed! Code provides discount at checkout.

Lash Mirror helps you keep track of your lash design. Code provides discount at checkout.

Flutter Away! http://www.lashbomb.com/home.html

The best makeup products on the market. Flawless skin, lenghty lashes, and pouty pouts.

Hygrometer helps you keep control of work environment climate for optimal retention. Code provides discount at checkout.

Double Date | Lash Tweezers

Product Details slim foot Gold Plated inches Use for volume pick-up or classic isolating Precision tip for accuracy Loose grip to help eliminate finger, wrist, and hand fatigue Intended for lash extension professionals only SpecsItem:

Affordable, reliable & efficient tools for applying eyelash extensions.

Large Lash Tribe Tweezer Case

This Stylish Tweezer Case is designed by me and can hold up to 11 Tweezers! It folds and zips up beautifully and compact.

SEXY Tweezer is my favourite when I do mega volume. Code provides discount at checkout.

There are five important features to know about adhesive for eyelash extensions: Color: Eyelash extension adhesives come in a range of color intensities, from c