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Futuristic girl

rossdraws: “Painted this before bed last night. I’m such a…NIGHT OWL 😁 ”

la llave de mi alma, y de mi corazón... de ahora en más, solo se la será de quién termine de demostrar que se la merece..

My work as an artist takes me all over the UK (and the world) to many events and conventions, I love drawing, traveling and people, which is great because I get enjoy them all doing what I do!

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Quick 1 hour study I've been so artblocked for the past days, it's just been extremely hard to finish anything xD but it's getting better now yay! I'm planning on opening commissions soon when art block is completely gone ref from

сейлор мун

fryingtoilet: “My take on sailor moon - finished and cleaned up! I basically owe my artistic career to Sailor Moon haha, it made me start drawing when I was little ;) Also included some closeups.

“The speed painting to this is on my YouTube, link's in my bio :) #art #drawing…

this is how I imagine Ember (right down to the clothes really if she's slave to a rich household) though her eyebrows aren't quite so thick >o