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This @CourseHero infographic on Animal Farm is both visually stunning and informative!

Animal Farm Infographic

George Orwell's Animal Farm Infographic to help you understand everything about the book. Visually learn all about the , themes, and George Orwell.


Livros Clássicos em versão Infográfico

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14 ways reading improves your mind and body

Los beneficios de la lectura para tu cuerpo y mente…

14 Science Backed Ways Reading Improves Your Mind and Body (Infographic) - Ideapod

This book is so important- All Quiet on The Western Front...amazing and heartbreaking and realistic

All Quiet on the Western Front Study Guide

Infographie de 'Julius Caesar'

Julius Caesar Study Guide

'Julius Caesar' infographic from Course Hero. l i wanted to put this one because it gives us info allot about Julius Casear and what he did for Rome and the things he invented

9 Ways to Make Classic Literature Fun

9 Ways to Keep the Classics Fresh in High School English

9 Ways to Make Classic Literature Fun- not a very good list. It implies that kida can't relate/ care about claasics unless we use gimmicks that often don't help comprehension, but I like the pairings suggestions ans want to keep that.

Classic novels to read aloud for Kindergarten (and those aged 4-6). Kindergarten Classic Novels

Classic Novels for Kindergarten

Classic Novels for Kindergarten - Intentional Homeschooling Classic novels to read aloud for Kindergarten (and those aged Kindergarten Classic Novels