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Scared of sepsis? Prevent it by washing your hands regularly, keeping your vaccines currents, and maintaining an overall healthy lifestyle! Click over to this Okeechobee health care infographic to get more advice about preventing sepsis and protecting you

SEPSIS IS SERIOUS: Well, this was the most awful experience I have been through. I hope I never see sepsis on my medical chart!

Location of Spinal Cord Injuries

Around people suffer a severe spinal cord injury. Some stemming from car accidents, sports injury, falls especially in the elderly, gunshot and knife wounds and many others. Your spinal cord is.

Hyperthyroidism #nursing #student

4 Natural remedies for hyperthyroidism

Abdominal incisions ~though "transverse" also requires some clarity re placement, upper/lower ~

SURGICAL INCISION LABELS: the core. for Medical Interpreters. Useful for when going between languages especially when giving accurate labels to the signs on the body.

renal calculi

previous pinner said, "I'm pretending to be studying for my renal exam tomorrow by pinning things about the renal system.

Common drug class suffixes

Rx endings / classifications to help with pharmacology as new medications are learned. Learn classification first then add specific medications in that group.