C'mon dude, what the heil?

C'mon dude, what the hell?

When you join random clubs just for your college application: | 23 Pictures Of Students That Will Make You Say "Me"

23 Pictures Of Students That Will Make You Say "Me"

I love this show don't care how childish it is

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Yup i shipped this before i knew what shipping was Fairly Odd Parents^^^This is one of the few canon shippings that I will go down with if they just so happen to sink but you know they never will

Oh my goodness! I used to live this show and I totally forgot about it until this very moment! What was it called again???! Aahhhh this is gonna kill me!

How to Get Rid of Back Acne

Memedroid - "Nickelodeon *not mine*" by themellofello

Oh god Nickelodeon. Don't forget the nerdy ghost kid on Danny Phantom-He was bullied by popular kids and killed himself. ^I never realized this. My childhood had more to it than I thought.